Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IMAGE TAPING #4: Old tales

Wherein I add text from random bits of media that I am currently consuming to images that I am working on:

"...an old told tale... another version... a little girl went out to play... lost in the market place... as if half born... then, not through the market place, but through the alley, behind the market place... this is the way to the past. But it isn't something you remember. Forgetfulness..."

IMAGE: Industrial alleyway, by fucoid
TEXT: from Inland Empire, by David Lynch

IMAGE TAPING #1: Soft machinery
IMAGE TAPING #2: Plastic revolution
LOOK: Shpytalna Street by fucoid, from Lvivski Streets


Quiche said...

Hey stranger!
Glad to see you are posting again! I am 6 months into design school and hardly have a spare moment to post anything on my blog these days, but the hard work/ nose to the grindstone is paying off. Hope all is fabulous with you!

fucoid said...

Hey Quiche! Good to be back.. bit unstable with a connection but hope to post regularly. Some catching up to do. Really happy for your progress in work and school. Have always enjoyed your graphics.