Tuesday, March 31, 2009

IMAGE TAPING #3: DNA of commerce and empire (mutant)

Wherein I add text from random bits of media that I am currently consuming to images that I am working on:

his was nothing like Tokyo, where the past, all that remained of it, was nurtured with a nervous care. History there had become a quantity, a rare thing, parceled out by government and preserved by law and corporate funding. Here it seemed to be the very fabric of things, as if the city were a single growth of stone and brick, uncounted strata of message, age upon age, generated over the centuries to the dictates of some now-all-but-unreadable DNA of commerce and empire."

IMAGE: Old town fringe with yellow car, by fucoid
TEXT: from Mona Lisa Overdrive, by William Gibson

IMAGE TAPING #1: Soft machinery
IMAGE TAPING #2: Plastic revolution
LOOK: Shpytalna Street by fucoid, from Lvivski Streets

CULTURAL CURIOSITY (WTF?): Stalin's mouthpiece in my kitchen (still)

Greetings comrade! (1945 state issued radio in my kitchen)

One of the first things Stalin did after he took Lviv from Poland? He installed himself into every private apartment. He has only one channel, you can't turn him off and you can't unplug him. You can only lower the volume on Sir Mustache. "News" all. day. long. and at 24:oo he goes quite after singing me the national anthem (which I appreciate).

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CULTURE SHOCK: Commie paranoia, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

RETRO SLEAZE: "The Babysitter" (1969) original trailer

Earnest movie trailer voice: "She's good with babies... and even better with daddies..."

With bitchen' lesbian ear nibble at 1:38 and creepy outdoor molestation at 1:58:

More @fucoid's Youtube channel

RETRO SLEAZE: I, A Woman c.1968
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LOOK: Soviet New Year by fucoid

Sunday, March 29, 2009

FOUND PHOTO: @36 Svobody Ave. Lviv, Ukraine

...from an abandoned empty bureau, 3.08.09

FOUND PHOTO: @44 Bohdana Khmelnytskoho St. Lviv, Ukraine
FOUND PHOTO: @7 Gogolya St. Lviv, Ukraine

LISTEN: Sunday mix #8, Traditional Ukrainian folk songs 1/2

A Wild Otter Catches a Bird (1984) by Mariya Prymachenko

As enchanting as a Prymachenko, this collection was done with a full arrangement of pre-modern instruments (no acordian abuse or cheesy synth riffs). And with songs about "precious shoes," "deep wells" and "green rye," it is a trip back to village. Enjoy this celebration of the small:

Traditional Ukrainian folk songs

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LISTEN: Sunday mix #6, Lvivski tsymbaly busker
LISTEN: Sunday mix #5, Gypsy invasion

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RADDEST.SCENES.EVER. (JACK): Chicken salad sandwich from "Five Easy Pieces" (1970)

...I am told there used to be a dynamic counter culture in the U.S. And this was its face:

RADDEST.SCENES.EVER. (FRENCH NEW WAVE): Cafe dance from Bande à part (1964)
WATCH: Žižek on fantasy and perversion in David Lynch's Blue Velvet
WATCH: Žižek on utopia today

REGIONAL NEWS: Prague's Kafka International Named Most Alienating Airport

Business Week ranked the airport last in customer satisfaction due to long delays, bureaucratic employees, and overall oppressive atmosphere.

REGIONAL NEWS: Spam Crackdown Threatens Koy4Goff's Penis Enlarger, Free iPod Industry
WATCH: Zizek on utopia today

READ: "The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick," by Robert Crumb

Two underground cult figures come together in this unlikely short. Crumb takes dialogue from Gregg Rickman's Philip K. Dick: The Final Testament and weaves it into a narrative about Dick's ongoing bouts of schizophrenia religious vertigo... sprawling, grubby and visionary:
Robert Crumb - The Religious Experience of Philip K Dick

From fucoid's Scribd library

READ: Prometheus Rising, by Robert Anton Wilson

READ: Taschen Fall/Winter 2008/2009 catalogue

Sunday, March 22, 2009

LISTEN: Sunday mix #7, Best of "Hydrogen Jukebox" by Allen Ginsberg and Philip Glass

La civilización occidental y cristiana (1965) by Leon Ferrari

In retrospect, it seems like it had to happen at some point; America's poet of transcendent bodies and it's composer of trance-inducing orchestral sessions teamed up circa 1988 to record a series of unrepeatable tracks, some to Ginsberg's readings, others to a choral arrangement... dizzying, hypnotic, quasi-religious:

LISTEN: Sunday mix #6, Lvivsky tsymbaly busker
LISTEN: Sunday mix #5, Gypsy punk invasion
LISTEN: Sunday mix #3, Indie optimism

SOVIET KITSCH #7, "Soviet Woman" (1970)

Soviet Woman (1970) postcard, from street vendor

SOVIET KITSCH #5, The Poem Mountain Vietnam (1972)
SOVIET KITSCH #4, Gardinia (1966)
SOVIET KITSCH #2 Umka (1975)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

IMAGE TAPING #2: Plastic revolution

Wherein I add text from random bits of media that I am currently consuming to images that I am working on:

...Parker stumbled and nearly... ...dead body... ...icy creek. Flies rose up, angry cloud, then settled again, ignoring him. Was this his history? No, history was now the loathing for a perfect body... ...empty closet... ...cleaned of sweat and dirt. A hologram reality. Inside plastic shell."

Image: Melting soldiers on snow (detail), by fucoid
Text: snips from Fragments of a Hologram Rose, by William Gibson

IMAGE TAPING #1: Soft machinery
LOOK: Meat Coaster (2006) by fucoid
LOOK: Ruptured Garfield (2005) by fucoid

Sunday, March 15, 2009

IMAGE TAPING #1: Soft machinery

Wherein I add text from random bits of media that I am currently consuming to images that I am working on:

...Know the answer? ...Around in vacant lot 1910... ...Weeds growing through vacant towers... ...smell of healed and half healed scars... ...silver film at the exits... ...won't be much left... ...little time so I'll say: Goodnight."

Image: Gnarley weed in my courtyard, fucoid
Text: from Soft Machine, Burroughs

READ: The lyricism of shit ingestion
LOOK: Untitled from post Soviet identity, by fucoid
LOOK: Bottle Collector, by fucoid

Saturday, March 14, 2009

WEEKEND WINGDING 14.3.09: Quiche @ Shameless Self Promotion

SVG- Super Vector Girl! by Quiche

A ninja with the vector, Quiche commentates her nifty-oddball (and thoroughly scalable) sketches with effortless wit and playful irreverence. Plus, she is the only person I know who can successfully quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, David Bowie and The Re-Flex... all in the space of one post.

You won't be disappointed when you check her out @ Shameless Self Promotion

GoTo: Jade Blood
GoTo: Exile on Moan Street

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LOOK: "Pig Fat Hut" from Ukrainian Grotesque, by fucoid

Pig Fat Hut (2009)

...another image I am working around for my funky exhibit of grotesqueries in Lviv.

Salo, unrendered pig fat, is a delicacy to Ukrainians and a staple of their culture. It has for centuries helped them rough out the cold winter months. To them it has magical powers. To me, though undeniably tasty, it is a bite-sized heart attack.

So these are the remains of a generous gift I received. Since I could not eat it, I decided to immortalize it on film. Then I hooked up my favorite homeless mut with the lumpy mess. Everyone is happy.

LOOK: Rooster (2008) from Ukrainian Grotesque, by fucoid
LOOK: Ruptured Garfield (2005) by fucoid
LOOK: Meat Coaster (2006) by fucoid
TASTE: The cult of salo

NEGLIGENT HERO #6: Jean Genet, "A Love Story" (1950) 1/3

French icon of sacred defilement, Genet showed a sympathy for capital-O-Others that only an ex. thief, vagabond, homosexual hustler could manage. Here is part one of his hypnotic and achingly sincere cinematic poem about homosexual fantasy:

NEGLIGENT HERO #1: Paul McCarthy, clip from Painter (1995)
NEGLIGENT HERO #3: Nick Zedd, Why Do You Exist (1998) 1/2
NEGLIGENT HERO #4: Tod Browning, wedding celebration from Freaks (1932)

Monday, March 9, 2009

LISTEN: (Belated) Sunday mix #6, Lvivski tsymbaly busker

...lost my connection yesterday:
sometimes he plays here

I have a favorite busker in Lviv, an old Cossack-looking tsymbaly player. Most street performers stake out a corner with mafioso intensity. But this guy wanders, never in the same place twice. I caught him in a passage through the medieval defense wall the other day. I spent a few hry for a disc.

I imagine him recording this in a one room apartment, while his family members all hold their breath. Intimate and rewarding...

Enjoy the spells of Lviv's wandering tsymbaly player:

tsymbaly street performer from Lviv

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LISTEN: Sunday mix #3, Indie optimism

Sunday, March 8, 2009

SOVIET KITSCH #6, Untitled postcard (c. 1960)

Untitled postcard c. 1960

SOVIET KITSCH #4, Gardinia (1966)
SOVIET KITSCH #2, Umka (1975)


Location: 29 B. Khmelnytskoho Street @ nameless beer bar

LOOK: From Toilet Babe, post-Soviet identity project by fucoid
READ: The lyricism of shit ingestion


...from my new 18th century lair, amidst rotary dial telephones, wood burning stoves and an FM radio the size of a microwave oven.

It is a loft in a converted storage space, on top of one of Lviv's oldest hotels. If not for my IP address, the combined forces of NATO and INTERPOL would have a hard time locating me.

I dig this place; it is central yet hidden, the view is amazing and my landlord isn't conspiring to convert my living room into 'Orgy Zone UA, Inc.'

I am free to play monster in the attic to all of the unsuspecting tourists below. Currently lookin' forward to springtime weather...

LOOK: The Journal by fucoid and Digital Fishie
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CULTURE SHOCK: Commie paranoia, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Regularly programmed entertainment should resume sometime tomorrow... been stranded for a couple of days but things should fall in place soon.

Monday, March 2, 2009

FOUND PHOTO: @7 Gogolya ST. Lviv, Ukraine

...from building hallway, 3.02.09

LOOK: Soviet kitsch #2, Umka
LOOK: Soviet kitsch #4, Gardinia (1966)
LOOK: Soviet kitsch #5, The Poem Mountain Vietnam (1972)

LOOK: "Pig Toe" from Fetish series (2006-09), by fucoid

Pig Toe (2006), from Fetish series

...came across a small print of this while moving. The hoof was donated to me by a good-willed neighbor in my building. He used to give meat products in return for a print. The dime store frog I recycled from Meat Coaster. And 15 minutes of Florida summer heat produced the flies, a "happy little accident."

LOOK: Meat Coaster (2006) by fucoid
LOOK: Ruptured Garfield (2005) by fucoid
LOOK: Path (2008) by fucoid

RETRO SLEAZE: "I, A Woman" c. '68

"...a woman's responsibility is to awaken and to arouse (in deeply penetrating movie trailer voice)."

Original exploitation trailer with a righteous twig spankin' at 00:52 (1:32 total). Brought to you "in the great tradition of Scandinavian film realism":

More deliciously sleazy exploitation trailer's on fucoid's youtube channel

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LOOK: Soviet New Year by fucoid
LOOK: Yura Mikalovich from Nizhin by fucoid

Sunday, March 1, 2009

SCRIBBLINGS: fucoid flees future porn set

Every month I would pay rent and every month new objects de swank would show up at my apartment: jacuzzi bathtub, pool table, Scandinavian bed, leather couches and assorted velvety atrocities.

At first I thought my landlord was trying to impress a foreigner with his good taste new found income. But after recently seeing some of his smutty photos for sale, along with his sudden reluctance to renew my lease, well...

...dude has clearly been setting up a porn palace right under my nose. It is popular sport here in Ukraine (porning, that is). But I wish him all the best on his mission to create quality wank material (someone has too).

...will be relocated by Tuesday.

'Till then:

Deathronic existence
Exile on Moan Street
the hangover helper
Krell Laboratories
Shameless Self-Promotion
Shaping Stones

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