Saturday, July 11, 2009

LOOK: Tripped out folk icon, from Kiev

The Blessed Virgin of Pechersk, mid. 19th century

I added this one to the collection today. It is from a Kiev school of folk painters; they used funky curve-linear lines, explosive colors and floral patterns vs. the stolid aesthetics of traditional Orthodox iconography.

...currently researching patterns of fungi ingestion in the region.


Mona said...

Fungi ingestion always good to investigate (LOL!)

BoneFarm said...

Get tripped, lay low!

Owen said...

Fungi ingestion ??? Can't wait !

Bluesfrau said...

And they were clever, too, in the colour choice: Red and Green. Complementary colours (like black and white). It's very much a dualist statement. In the middle you have the "son", in yellow - representing the Sun, most likely (golden child).
Interesting picture. Thanks for sharing!

fucoid said...

yes, they completely discard orthodox color symbols