Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Hütz homecoming, Gogol Bordello in Lviv

I am into Eugene Hutz and his music. His life story is the stuff of movies. From the Chernobyl evacuation and gypsy wanderings to his performances at Tate Modern, Whitney and the Venice Biennial. What shitty, marginalized band doesn't look up to him? And the music... so rich. 

Last week, Gogol Bordello was in Lviv... Hutz tossed frisbees, broke a few mic stands and spoke Ukrainian to his fans from the homeland. The sets were inspired and it was a great show. From various U-tubers:

Start Wearing Purple, everyone bounces @ 1:51

The beautiful insanity 

Tribal Connection w/extended dub break at 2:10


Quiche said...

Start wearing purple, wearing purple...start wearing purple for me now!
Yay! Gogol Boredello! Fabulous that they were there! I would love to see them, heck, I'd love to hang out with Eugene, and bring my fiddle! That beautiful insanity is infectious!

fucoid said...

I want to hang with a fiddle too! He was really cool with the home crowd. It was his first public performance here. Good stuff.

Brittany said...

Fans! Check out their new bideo for Pala Tute!