Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TYT: This revolution brought to you by Twitter and Youtube

Currently destroying my cynicism:


Mona said...

Absolutely fucking brilliant!
going to have to pinch this...sorry you will get email soon, computer broke down completely after the burner going and then I think I broke down! Getting on with it. Mssge soon.

Aleksa said...

Wouw,there is revolution going on!Hoop for better for the sake of people,good people.Reminds me of the revolution back home,Im not so sure it was for better.Greetings Sandra

Alice said...

This is really hard to believe. the whole county is turning and it seems that no one really cares except for the bunch of people. It is insane .

fucoid said...

Hi Sandra, looks like they will get their president.
Greetings Alice, what have you been up to lately?

Quiche said...

Awesome! If it weren't for Twitter via Facebook folks and Amnesty International emails, many of us here in the States would have very little real info on what's going on there.

Mona said...

GO here!
All the info in one place - had exclusives on HuffPo, Daily Dish The Guardian etc and Huffington Post has already linked...I will sleep when REVOLUTION 2.0 is over!

PS: How are you Fucoid? Well I hope

Mona said...

Did you get the personal email?
You interested?

My stats have just gone crazy!!!!!

fucoid said...

greetings mona, i am following on your blog, nice work!

Mona said...

Man what an adrenaline rush!