Saturday, May 9, 2009

LOOK: Nasty Lvivski graphic artist, Volodomir Pinigin

Stumbled upon some prints of his etchings at a gallery yesterday. And they are just plain nasty: Giger bio-machines and Arcimboldo veggie head reversals collide in surreal, sometimes gestalt compositions. Excuse the generic description (it does no justice), but not much by way of background information for me to offer, nothing online in English. Check him out (click to enlarge):

More here

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LOOK: Naïve artist, Nikifor from Krynica (Poland)
LOOK: Neoprimitive artist, Nikolai Nedbailo from Moscow


Mona said...

Will PM you later tonight or tomorrow

Aleksandra said...

Wouw,looking great,love Giger but this one is not any less,greetings Sandra.
How can it be that Youtube cleand up your channel?Do not understand,what,just like that?
Thats not good at all,can we do something about it,like write someone petitions? Good luck and take care.

fucoid said...

Hey mona, cool. I am around now.


hi aleksanda!

youtube wiped out my channel for copyright infringement... it had lots of clips from private movies and videos. it seems petty, but they did and there is nothing i can do about it. thanks for offering to help :)

anya said...

Not much info in Ukrainian can be found either:-(
hey,here is another cool graphic artist from Lviv - Alexander Aksinin