Friday, May 15, 2009

LOOK: "Hipster Shrine," from Lvivsky Streets by fucoid

Hipster Shrine - Old Town, Lviv

FOUND PHOTO: @7 Gogolya St. Lviv, Ukraine
LOOK: Shpytalna Street from Lvivsky Streets, by fucoid

LOOK: Baba 1 from Lvivsky Streets, by fucoid


Mona said...

What a magnificent building too...did you see the Lenin's statue appendages here.

Aleksandra said...

Great pic's,just a small greeting.
Do you know whats with urban blond,she is still following my blog but Im not welcom to read her stuff? Or is that a hint for me to stop following? Ciao Sandra

Owen said...

Strange little shrine there with the flowers and red fringed cloth... I wonder what that's all about?

fucoid said...

nice, mona - thanks as always


hi aleksandra, that seems strange... are you sure you are not trying to log into her second, private blog?


veneration sites are the rage in lviv, owen. they can't get enough of the virgin here (they are devoutly greek catholic)

Aleksandra said...

Hi,again,Im using the link on my followers thing,so its her public blog I think.Thanks for answering,ciao

fucoid said...

huh... ? weird. i have no idea.

btw sandra, here is a torrent for the full version of 'the man who fell to earth':

it works, used it recently myself