Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coming May 13th, 2009

Delinquent Schoolgirl ran away with the voting at 38%, with Naive Prostitute and Escaped Housewife following pretty closely at 28 and 23%. Outcast Gypsy was in the middle with 14%, while there was not much love for the Forgetful Outpatient at 9% and the Forgotten Clown at 4%.

So we will meet this Delinquent on May 13th and see exactly what she has been up to....

ALERT: Choose which misfit we should catch up with


chook said...

Boohoo, that I was the only one to choose the clown is far more serious than you might think. Even after all these(those) years I still can't get my choosing right! Lucky I don't choose to die, I might live forever!
Welcome back.

The Scrybe said...

Cool! That's the one I voted for... and welcome back!

fucoid said...

whats up chook?! sad thing about the clown. maybe she will find her way back after all. and it is entirely possible that you will outlive all of us!


hey scrybe, thanks. i am coming by to read some of your gritty prose

Quiche said...

My gun-slinging Godiva chick should have been in this flick. Escaped Housewife, butt on ice- I think I was that character once! I think everyone is picking the Delinquent Schoolgirl because she's more attractive and vampy. OK, they all look vampy, even the Forgotten Clown. I'm riveted, waiting to hear of Delinquent's saga (: