Friday, April 3, 2009

ALERT: Choose which misfit we should catch up with...

Ukraine's tundra having just melted, I began to wonder how its street people made it through the winter.

Please vote within the next two weeks on whose fate you would most like to discover. Then I will revisit that character by the end of the month for the blog.

CHARACTER 1: Delinquent school girl
CHARACTER 2: Forgotten clown
CHARACTER 3: Forgetful outpatient
CHARACTER 4: Outcast gypsy
CHARACTER 5: Escaped housewife
CHARACTER 6: Naive prostitute


Alice said...

It is interesting to know how this escaped housewife made it through the winter:-)

Perepichka said...

about the market chick?

Perepichka said...

just do not tell me something had happened to her!

BoneFarm said...

Oh My Fucoid!
This decision is painful! I want to know what happenned to all of them! Yes, as I have been presently highjacked by life and must enter the grey-zone called reality=no time for fun; so this call to vote is greatly appreciated!
I believe, the escaped housewife might suggest the broadest range of possibilities from tragic to heroic.
The others also hold great potential for a world of magic and mayhem. My perhaps trite, sterotypical, predjudiced assumptions for them are:
Outpatient gets more drugs and bubbles to blow on the streets. Clown continues to be well, a candy-colored character of great mediocrity.
Gypsy returns to fierce brother or gets married to a gringo from NewJersey and becomes Karaoke queen of Atlantic City and head of the PTA.
Prostitute becomes a serial killer out for revenge at the SlumLord's PornPalace,
or becomes
A JesusFreakedNun who starts a JumpRopeForJesus FundRaising Campaign to benefit street-wasted children of alcoholics that is wildly popular. She is so successful that 60minutes does a piece on her and she is thus hired by Barak O'Bama's New GroundZero Beaurocratic Agency to spend billions of dollars helping social security en/ I mean disabled addicts to apply for brain-disability assistence so that theur houses may be cleaned and their bills paid 3x a week, while they are selling their fioodstamps to get high, thus supporting the jobs at the local food-shelf. She is awarded a great humanitarian honor for saving the economy and is dubbed a genius.

Maria Rose said...

I vote for character 3

Owen Phillips said...

I agree with BoneFarm in that they all seem to have strong possibilities for being the central character in some compelling stories... makes me think of the Australian film "Bad Boy Bubby"... Bubby could fit right in here... ever seen it? Anyway thanks for dropping by today, I am enjoying your blog big time...

kenflett said...

"bad boy buddy" that was a great film:)

anyways, l go for the underdog, #4 the outcast gypsy,
the escaped housewife has already escaped, let her be.

fucoid said...

i didn't want to lump the market vendor in here, she is still dealing in meats and quite fine.


"(gypsy) becomes Karaoke queen of Atlantic City"

that made blow my milk out of my nose bonefarm... hilarious analysis!

"JumpRopeForJesus FundRaising"


lose wait and praise the lord at the same time, genius


hi owen, i know the film, got a copy about a year ago and the file was corrupt. just found a new torrent... thanks for reminding me of it (and thanks for voting too)


i am for the gypsy myself kenflett. i have some good ideas for her.


chook said...

I gotta go with the clown to see if his bubble has bursted.
I don't spose we can check out Bonefarm. Hilarious.

The Scrybe said...

Delinquent school girl!!

BoneFarm said...

Fucoid Leader,
How can we prompt Scrybe to let us peep into his imaginative assumptions for the past, present and future of SchoolGirl'D-Delinquent? If anyone imagine her... it's Scrybe... ahmmm and Of course you, dear leader. As she is a close personal associate of yours, you'll clear up any misunderstandings made by we "Fellowship-Of-The-Rogies".
To post this here comment, they are asking me to type in "minging"... somehow i believe this is some code word for a secret cultural activity performed by leaders such as yourself when non-blogging with Sophisticated Lviv homeowners.

fucoid said...

so, you are 'minging' again? i thought you quit, bonefarm?!

Bluesfrau said...

Character 1. The Delinquent Schoolgirl!

Mona said...

Great film 'Bad Boy Bubby' & "minging" is Glasgow speak for smelling badly!