Saturday, March 14, 2009

WEEKEND WINGDING 14.3.09: Quiche @ Shameless Self Promotion

SVG- Super Vector Girl! by Quiche

A ninja with the vector, Quiche commentates her nifty-oddball (and thoroughly scalable) sketches with effortless wit and playful irreverence. Plus, she is the only person I know who can successfully quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, David Bowie and The Re-Flex... all in the space of one post.

You won't be disappointed when you check her out @ Shameless Self Promotion

GoTo: Jade Blood
GoTo: Exile on Moan Street


Quiche said...

Thank you for that utterly shameless promotion *blushes* I'm a combination of touched (emotionally AND mentally -ha!) and delighted, and shortly after waking up, which is lovely! *Hug*

fucoid said...

:) (sometimes i wish i was more articulate with emoticons)