Saturday, March 21, 2009

WATCH: Obscene Ukrainian bling-drome, Потап и Настя

Uhhhh... clever satire or gag-inducing tripe? Whatever, a delicious bit of cultural fuctness:

Потап и Настя, Внатуре

LOOK: Found photo @7 Gogolya St. Lviv, Ukraine
LISTEN: Sunday mix #5, Gypsy punk invasion

LOOK: Untitled 1, from post-Soviet identity project by fucoid


Mona said...

Sorry I haven't got back to you/ weird scenes at the goldmine this end.(will email tomorrow or next) What a strange video/song whatever. wish I knew what they were saying and if the blonde on guitar glows in the dark then I will take 2!

Perepichka said...

2Mona: considering that Kiev where this video was shot is very close to Chernobyl chances that the blond chick is glowing in the dark are rather high :-)

The song is called "for real" and basically it tells that life is a piece of crap and it fucks you all the time, but both Potap and Nastya will try to live it at full and to become the very best. For real! And no matter how much money you have it can't by love and anyway you will be fucked in the end, but it is better to have lots of money and to be famous.

Though it is obvious that they just fuck around most people in Ukraine (Russia) are totally crazy about this song and video( guess mostly thanks to the naked chicks you can see in the uncensored version) and think that Potap and Nastya are cool FOR REAL!

fucoid said...

what's up mona? hope everything is ok in melbourne...

note: batteries not included with the glowing brides

fucoid said...

thanks p-pichka for the analysis... now go back to your cage and quit bothering the locals!