Friday, March 27, 2009

WATCH: Indian Remi

The latest, uh... social intervention(?) from Remy Gaillard. Set to the Doors. Nice:

RADDEST.SCENES.EVER.(JACK): Chicken salad sandwich from Five Easy Pieces (1970)

WATCH: How to Sell Out from Howcast
WATCH: Flowers are disgusting whores


BoneFarm said...

Beautiful Fucoid!
wE ABSOLUTELY NEED MORE INTERVENTION ART IN THIS WORLD. I PRAY dEAR LEADER THAT WHEN YOU HAVE a crust of info on these folk you show-case, that you'll share it as food for thought (Secret to the miracles of Jesus... edibility dear meat-man), so that it can multiply. Loved your Meatish Web-Art. You only need add more. DO NOT DELETE! This here rogue smiles upon you.
Het do you know where TruthSeeker went?
Anyone Know?

Quiche said...

Can I be the indian chief? I just love this! Good thing to have one's morning coffee to...morning being relative (:

Mona said...

Sorry been out of sorts at this end, will send en email soon. have bought a mailer for Burroughs stuff if you still want etc, did you press the yellow wobble?
Will only be there for a couple of days!

fucoid said...

ahhhh, jesus-meat... a tasty beer snack. remy has pulled off some highprofile stunts like impersonating the pope, even tricked chirac once...


my favorites are the elevator bits :)


hey mona, no problem... got the yellow wobble, thanks

Aleksandra said...

And what do you think of TOUCH DOWN?Not sure thats the real name or ON THE MOON? On my you-tube channel I have more of them,the elevator bits are mine fav. too! :O) Sandra

Charles Bukovitz said...

"on the moon".... is that the one where he invades a golf course dressed like an astronaut? if so, love it!


bonefarm, i don't think i ever met truthseeker

Mona said...

Oh man that IS so funny/reminds me of that Jackass sketch. Golfers aren't shy about using their clubs as weapons!
Oscar Wilde said that golf was a good walk ruined!
Growing up in scotland it was all around me & couldn't think of anything more stupid/then again melbourne is about to pay Tiger W a couple of million dollars to play here!!!

Bluesfrau said...

I love that song...

break on thruuuuuuuuuuuuu hihi