Sunday, March 1, 2009

SCRIBBLINGS: fucoid flees future porn set

Every month I would pay rent and every month new objects de swank would show up at my apartment: jacuzzi bathtub, pool table, Scandinavian bed, leather couches and assorted velvety atrocities.

At first I thought my landlord was trying to impress a foreigner with his good taste new found income. But after recently seeing some of his smutty photos for sale, along with his sudden reluctance to renew my lease, well...

...dude has clearly been setting up a porn palace right under my nose. It is popular sport here in Ukraine (porning, that is). But I wish him all the best on his mission to create quality wank material (someone has too).

...will be relocated by Tuesday.

'Till then:

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Perepichka said...

porn set! ha-ha! so typical for Ukraine! your landlord must me an aging pervert(or child molester:-)!

well my friend, good luck with new accommodation

Alice said...

You were kicked out of your apartment because your landlord is about to become a porno king? This is unbelievable!
Hope you'll be fine!:) Take care

101101 said...

It looks like porn is becoming Eastern Europe's favorite pass time. Maybe your next landlord will decide to start selling mushrooms. Now that would be cool!

BoneFarm said...

Dear Leader,
What have you gotten us into now. And will next accomodation get us in even deeper.

.... stay tuned Fucoid. you best dial it in... fate is come knocking!


CLAY said... your landlord was a porno baron--well, travel lightly fucoid.

fucoid said...

cheap (and desperate) labor + relaxed visa regime = porno paradise


bonefarm, my new landlord appears to be just a simple old lady but she could very be a front for a human trafficking ring :)


clay, wanted to send you an image yesterday for your collage site but couldn't open your email link :(

...finally made it to your other site and had a lot of fun, completely innovative place

The Scrybe said...

Haha, sounds like an adventure, perhaps you should hide in a cupboard or something instead of leaving!
There could be untold voyeuristic pleasures lying in wait for you!!

Quiche said...

Maybe he wanted you to star in some of his "quality wank material", and he was giving you clues- ha! Hope your new location proves to be a better experience. Sounded kinda eclectic and fun though.

presen said...
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fucoid said...

voyeurism, participation... whatever, i am game... but just not so close to where i eat and sleep :)