Wednesday, March 25, 2009

READ: "The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick," by Robert Crumb

Two underground cult figures come together in this unlikely short. Crumb takes dialogue from Gregg Rickman's Philip K. Dick: The Final Testament and weaves it into a narrative about Dick's ongoing bouts of schizophrenia religious vertigo... sprawling, grubby and visionary:
Robert Crumb - The Religious Experience of Philip K Dick

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Perepichka said...

This is just great! didn't know Philip K. Dick had such wonder his books are so bizarre. was impressed by his VALIS!

fucoid said...

lots of drugs, lots of drugs.

i'm an UBIK fan and "Flow my Tears..."
is right there too

Bluesfrau said...

I like the big picture's idea of waves drawn to the forehead wheel.

fucoid said...

he was a trippy dude... always inhabiting multiple realities