Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RADDEST.SCENES.EVER. (JACK): Chicken salad sandwich from "Five Easy Pieces" (1970)

...I am told there used to be a dynamic counter culture in the U.S. And this was its face:

RADDEST.SCENES.EVER. (FRENCH NEW WAVE): Cafe dance from Bande à part (1964)
WATCH: Žižek on fantasy and perversion in David Lynch's Blue Velvet
WATCH: Žižek on utopia today


Blonde Goddess said...

I've seen this posted on blogs over and over again.
I think that people really connect with it...

Tashai said...

Thanks for visiting and for the nice comment. I haven't seen this scene before...interesting.
Jack was always good. ;)

101101 said...

Do you think it would work if I tired to order non-sweet bread in the US like that? I'm tired of getting bread full of sugar or honey!

Lirio said...

love that piece
saw in the theater back in the day
some stories say this scene was filmed at the redrooster cafe in duncan bc just up the road from me here on vancouver island

fucoid said...

hi blonde goddess, i think you are right... it is a fuck off scene that most of us (north america/western europe) can feel.

but i watched this with ukrainian friends and they were like, 'what is he all pissed about?'


just don't hurt bertha with flying glassware 101101

-------- told me that there was something shot on vancouver island, maybe it is true.

good to have a memorable scene in your town's folklore rather than a piece of crap... that can be a little depressing, replaying the crappy scenes everytime you drive by. i once lived where they shot all of the retirement home scenes for ron howard's 'cacoon'. a horde of blue hairs with walkers and plastic shopping bags were beveled into my brain. didn't much appreciate that.

Quiche said...

The reaction of your Ukrainian friends is quite telling about the service one would get in a restaurant there- ha! She wouldn't have gotten any gratuity from me! Daddy, who was a truck driver would have left her the water glasses, filled, turned upside down on the table with a napkin, or the salt shaker upside down. She looked like one of those truck stop waitresses.

Love Jack! Imagine that scene with the Shining characters- Wendy as the waitress serving Jack Torrence- ha!

fucoid said...

yep, even have to pay for ketchup at mcdonalds!

...strangely, i miss us truckstops... with their shrines, and diners and... other less pleasant things.

Bluesfrau said...

Tja... when two controlling minds meet...