Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NEGLIGENT HERO #6: Jean Genet, "A Love Story" (1950) 1/3

French icon of sacred defilement, Genet showed a sympathy for capital-O-Others that only an ex. thief, vagabond, homosexual hustler could manage. Here is part one of his hypnotic and achingly sincere cinematic poem about homosexual fantasy:

NEGLIGENT HERO #1: Paul McCarthy, clip from Painter (1995)
NEGLIGENT HERO #3: Nick Zedd, Why Do You Exist (1998) 1/2
NEGLIGENT HERO #4: Tod Browning, wedding celebration from Freaks (1932)


Alice said...

This silent soft-porn drama is just beautiful!

Brunhilda said...

Most people are scared of what they do not understand and consider it to be disgusting and immoral. And for them it is impossible to realize that this love story is as beautiful as "Romeo and Juliet"...
Jean Genet was brave to write about outcasts whom everyone despise and to show their beauty and you turned to be brave enough to post it on your blog.

101101 said...

I have a feeling that Žižek would love to analyze this one.
Didn't Genet disown this movie later on?!

fucoid said...

soft porn? it's not porny... but it is beautiful.


Žižek's next book!

i didn't know he disowned it until i just wiki-ed after your comment... i don't know the context. seems strange considering his novels... maybe it was a pr move? doesn't make sense. maybe it was edited to death? maybe he just didn't like it... but it was well received by his peers. i don't know.