Monday, March 2, 2009

LOOK: "Pig Toe" from Fetish series (2006-09), by fucoid

Pig Toe (2006), from Fetish series

...came across a small print of this while moving. The hoof was donated to me by a good-willed neighbor in my building. He used to give meat products in return for a print. The dime store frog I recycled from Meat Coaster. And 15 minutes of Florida summer heat produced the flies, a "happy little accident."

LOOK: Meat Coaster (2006) by fucoid
LOOK: Ruptured Garfield (2005) by fucoid
LOOK: Path (2008) by fucoid


BoneFarm said...

"I salute you painted toe nail of destiny which brings forth flies like tasty meats of desire".

.... frog prince aka "charming".

fucoid said...

i am sure the flies were satisfied :)

Nomadic Woman said...

great surreal landscape! Reminds me of "Eraserhead" film by David Lynch.

fucoid said...

hi nomadic woman, thanks... it was a spot in the brush by my old florida apartment. i just raked away all of the palm fronds and leaves.

eraserhead gives me the willies :)