Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LOOK: "Pig Fat Hut" from Ukrainian Grotesque, by fucoid

Pig Fat Hut (2009)

...another image I am working around for my funky exhibit of grotesqueries in Lviv.

Salo, unrendered pig fat, is a delicacy to Ukrainians and a staple of their culture. It has for centuries helped them rough out the cold winter months. To them it has magical powers. To me, though undeniably tasty, it is a bite-sized heart attack.

So these are the remains of a generous gift I received. Since I could not eat it, I decided to immortalize it on film. Then I hooked up my favorite homeless mut with the lumpy mess. Everyone is happy.

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Perepichka said...

This is a very cool salo house! Thousands of Ukrainian peasants would die to live in this hut.

Alice said...

Your pig fat hut is a good alternative to gingerbread houses.
I love it:-)

anya said...

This photo is fantastic! Your house looks so mysterious! And no one knows what is going to happen to you once you enter it!

Mona said...

I would rather have nothing to do with pig fat thanx!
PS: get in touch off line & I can maybe send some interesting stuff yr way!

Quiche said...

Here they'd have it on a stick or a bun and in seven flavors. I'd dwindle away to nothing in a Ukrainian winter I guess.

chook said...

I think you are on to something here. Market it to wealthy cockroaches for their summer holiday!
Great art!

101101 said...

Now make a big bad wolf eating the house! :D

BoneFarm said...

When & Where is your exhibit? Is this image a digitally remastered print of a salo aculpture? Will your show be 2d images done in this same technique? How big?
Id really love to see a portfolio of your images to get a feel for what your up to. From what I see on Transience it is witty kitsch with a touch of serious and erudite sarcasm... as in this salo house.

The Scrybe said...

I like this.
The Big Bad Wolf would have trouble huffing and puffing and blowing this one down!

fucoid said...

thanks alice, i will send a recipe :)


quiche, check out these chocolate covered chunks of lard in kiev, yum!


chook, spot on as usual! thanks


bonefarm, i will send you an email with some images from past exhibits and news about upcoming projects. thanks for your interest.


this fat house was a snack within 3 minutes of shooting. i think the little dog is still smoking post-coital cigarettes behind my building