Sunday, March 22, 2009

LISTEN: Sunday mix #7, Best of "Hydrogen Jukebox" by Allen Ginsberg and Philip Glass

La civilización occidental y cristiana (1965) by Leon Ferrari

In retrospect, it seems like it had to happen at some point; America's poet of transcendent bodies and it's composer of trance-inducing orchestral sessions teamed up circa 1988 to record a series of unrepeatable tracks, some to Ginsberg's readings, others to a choral arrangement... dizzying, hypnotic, quasi-religious:

LISTEN: Sunday mix #6, Lvivsky tsymbaly busker
LISTEN: Sunday mix #5, Gypsy punk invasion
LISTEN: Sunday mix #3, Indie optimism


Micro said...

Great Sunday mix. I listened to it most of the day at work and now i feel like going somewhere to the remote parts of Siberia, find an old shaman, eat some magic mushrooms and to dance naked around the fire singing along with the choral...

fucoid said...

depending on your shaman, you could get mushrooms... but possibly horse pee. bring a tooth brush :)

Micro said...

I better try to find a shaman with mushrooms...won't survive after horse pee I'm afraid.