Sunday, March 29, 2009

LISTEN: Sunday mix #8, Traditional Ukrainian folk songs 1/2

A Wild Otter Catches a Bird (1984) by Mariya Prymachenko

As enchanting as a Prymachenko, this collection was done with a full arrangement of pre-modern instruments (no acordian abuse or cheesy synth riffs). And with songs about "precious shoes," "deep wells" and "green rye," it is a trip back to village. Enjoy this celebration of the small:

Traditional Ukrainian folk songs

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Alice said...

fucoid, you know Primachenko is one of my favorite artists, i simply adore paintings! glad you've chosen this to illustrate your sundy mix.

Love it too

"Ivanko, Ivanko" is my favorite. reminds me of my trip to Ukraine 3 years ago. what crazy times!

fucoid said...

her images are being used by pop culture here now... she is on hand bags and even the sides of cars. i wonder what she would think, coming from such a humble place