Monday, March 9, 2009

LISTEN: (Belated) Sunday mix #6, Lvivski tsymbaly busker

...lost my connection yesterday:
sometimes he plays here

I have a favorite busker in Lviv, an old Cossack-looking tsymbaly player. Most street performers stake out a corner with mafioso intensity. But this guy wanders, never in the same place twice. I caught him in a passage through the medieval defense wall the other day. I spent a few hry for a disc.

I imagine him recording this in a one room apartment, while his family members all hold their breath. Intimate and rewarding...

Enjoy the spells of Lviv's wandering tsymbaly player:

tsymbaly street performer from Lviv

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kenflett said...

what a beautiful image.

Quiche said...

Beautiful,enchanting music!

Micro said...

I love your photo. It looks like a passage from now to medieval times. It is awesome.

fucoid said...

thanks kenflett, your photos and paintings helped push me here


i have some more local busker cd's waiting, nothing like them :)

Bluesfrau said...

I will have to listen to this when I come home from work. This is the kind of stuff I really love!