Thursday, March 19, 2009

IMAGE TAPING #2: Plastic revolution

Wherein I add text from random bits of media that I am currently consuming to images that I am working on:

...Parker stumbled and nearly... ...dead body... ...icy creek. Flies rose up, angry cloud, then settled again, ignoring him. Was this his history? No, history was now the loathing for a perfect body... ...empty closet... ...cleaned of sweat and dirt. A hologram reality. Inside plastic shell."

Image: Melting soldiers on snow (detail), by fucoid
Text: snips from Fragments of a Hologram Rose, by William Gibson

IMAGE TAPING #1: Soft machinery
LOOK: Meat Coaster (2006) by fucoid
LOOK: Ruptured Garfield (2005) by fucoid


Quiche said...

Love the quote. Quite apropos!
I have always had a thing for kitschy plastic objects- figurines and beads...and old Sci-Fi shtuff! Reminds me of the video I just uploaded to Facebook:

Space Monster: Destroy Nashville

fucoid said...

i grew up with godzilla and similar lovely pieces of crap :)

fucoid said...

btw. great vid., love the stop motiony look

Alice said...

2Quiche: love space monster video, it's just awesome.

2fucoid: great pic., hope your soldiers are good and in case they grow big (under the influence of radiation or something:) they won't try to destroy humankind:)