Monday, March 2, 2009

FOUND PHOTO: @7 Gogolya ST. Lviv, Ukraine

...from building hallway, 3.02.09

LOOK: Soviet kitsch #2, Umka
LOOK: Soviet kitsch #4, Gardinia (1966)
LOOK: Soviet kitsch #5, The Poem Mountain Vietnam (1972)


Alice said...

SWEET! Is this a new "Ukrainian style" postcard for the army day?
The person who created it must be completely nuts!

Brunhilda said...

You are extremely luck to find all kind of interesting things (photos, postcards, videos). or maybe it is a result of your hard work and observation and ability to notice things most people can't see. You remind me myself many many years ago!

I really enjoy your every post!

Quiche said...

Yes! Camo, tigers, Guns and Roses...okay, Gardenias. I think I came up with a new band name inspired by you -ha! I just love this...I don't know why, but I do!

Bluesfrau said...

Very ODD sense of drama to it. Orange tigers, a soldier and snowy mountains - it's probably possible, but the tigers catty anarchism doesn't fit the obeyful soldierism - and the idyllic background is tainted with I guess what's supposed to be a sort of pseudo strength.
Appalling - amusing - one of them - maybe both.

Bluesfrau said...

I just saw that it's water and not snow. The waters of LIFE, no doubt. Yep - amusing.

The Scrybe said...

Bizarre, and intimidating in a funny kind of way.

gnarlyvine said...

I love the smell of guns, tiger balls, and flowers in the morning. Smells like, aahh, Capitalism.

fucoid said...

quiche, would be interested in smelling the cologne version :)


bluesfrau, he is sort of floating on those waters... aren't you inspired?