Thursday, February 5, 2009

WATCH: Hangover flick #3, "Rolling Thunder" (1977)

No holidays or pubcrawls yesterday so this hangover flick is a cure for minor morning miseries only. In fact, Rolling Thunder (1977) can be viewed guilt free in nearly a full state of consciousness. It is a well executed revenge flick with an exceedingly brutal (and inspired) final act, even by 70s exploitation standards. I don't know the story behind Schrader's script but it clearly comes off as a shameless potboiler when viewed next to his masterwork, Taxi Driver (including a hilarious rework of the "you talkin' to me?" scene). As expected, the film is supremely entertaining... campy melodrama, relentless blood shed and a affectingly developed ruthless hero sporting a hook-like prosthetic limb and sawed off shotgun.

"They took his arm, they took his family, and his soul... a storm is brewing in this man."

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