Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ahhh... Lviv, the city of sleeping lions, the Florence of the East... "there is a coffee shop, cafe or cathedral on every corner," as the locals like to brag.

Surely. But it's sceptic facilities are just as memorable; there are some of the most remarkably nasty shitters in the Western world here.

My mental map is equally defined by traumatic encounters with raw sewage as it is with baroque architecture and turkish roast beans.

Location: 83 Horodotska Street @ Circus Arena (click for full effect)

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AlekSandra said...

You have to face this each day or is it for coppel of days?
Wish you all the luck to not fall down into the hole.This is something I olso recognize from back homeland,not nice memories.Take care,Sandra

101101 said...

*shudders* Holy ....

BoneFarm said...

Yes Fucoid,
You sure know how to pick 'em... this brings new meaning to the exclamation what a shit hole!! I've been in a few beauties myself in good ol' America Central; difference is, it is warm outside and facilities tend to be closer to open air and escape. The art performance is Sat, and that we are all a wild card bunch of Experimental Flux-Artists means... we threw out the Dark Matter idea and are now onto something new. I will account to you post-formance Rogue Ring-Leader.

fucoid said...

this one was not so bad as others... i think they spray it down daily


cool bonefarm, good luck

Mona said...

My thoughts now. You are VERY brave!!!

Maria Rose said...

Oh my! I think that wins. I have seen some dirty toilets, but this wins.

fucoid said...

you people are weak, this is the holiday inn. i am bringing my camera to the beer bar this weekend.

Bluesfrau said...

I think in China you might come across equal horrifics.
Still amazed about how clean the French keep their non-sit-downs... they prove that it's possible to stay clean with not too much effort.
Does the Ukrain suffer from a lack of water or is it just carelessness??

the hang~over helper said...

"I fantasize about a massive pristine convenience.

Brilliant gold taps, virginal white
marble, a seat carved from ebony... a cistern full of Chanel No.5
and a flunky handing me pieces
of raw silk toilet roll.

But under the circumstances,
I'll settle for anywhere."

fucoid said...

at the risk of making a stupid generalization, ukrainians do not seem to care about public bathrooms (or many other shared places)


my thoughts exactly hangover. but damn the frequency of these circumstances.

sumobaby said...

Is this for real? Can't say I have ever experienced anything like this. Sure I've shat in some pretty awkward places, but that surely takes the cake.