Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NEGLIGENT HERO #3: Nick Zedd, "Why Do You Exist?" (1998) 1/2

This is what Warhol's interview reels may have looked like had he had a sense of humor (sans the nude, blue-painted Kembra Pfahler strummin' a guitar like she was on the set of Häxan, of course).


Alice said...

AAAA!!!!Nick Zedd!!!His movies are totally abnormal but that is why we like him!

Perepichka said...

Some cool fucking shit, man!
"Zedd is dead, babe".
He'll never die!

fucoid said...

good to see pichka is down with zedd... his clips have gotten a few comments from russians on my youtube channel. coincidence or a muscovite zedd revival?