Monday, February 23, 2009

NEGLIGENT HERO #2: Pipilotti Rist, "I'm Not the Girl Who Misses Much" (1986)

While playing with issues of gender, body and sexuality, Pipi creates some the most enjoyable video art you will ever see in a museum collection. Hyperbole? I think not.

See music industry stylistics turned upside down by topless Swede who sings John Lennon like a chipmunk on speed:


Micro said...

Love her videos. great you post it. this was a first thing that made me smile this gray and cold monday morning! now i'm ready to start a new day!

Perepichka said...

I also like Pickelporno and I'm a Victim Of This Song very much .

Jenny said...

At first i didn't understand what it was all about...but really like it. I searched for more videos on youtube and they all are so cheerful.I thank you for introducing her.

fucoid said...

pipi: making smart and cheerful video art since '86


i remember seeing pickelporno with a live audience of arty farties, laughing as they stared at the screen like straight-faced university professors


maybe the most telling bit about the video are her boobies being exposed but out of focus, a playful middle finger(s)

AlekSandra said...

Thanks again for putting smile on my face and your inspirationel post-ing,you are great.

fucoid said...

i recently got a kick out of the maniacal knitter you featured, aleksandra