Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LOOK: From "Lvivski Streets," by fucoid

Shpytalna Street

Shpytalna runs directly through the center of Lviv, right against one of it's most famous landmarks, the opera house. Yet it sat looking like a WWII text book clipping for over 6 months because of a salary dispute between the contractor and city council. In typical Ukrainian fashion, the well being of its citizens was of least concern... homemade bridges of fruit crate wood crossed deep irrigation canals and drowned animals were commonly seen floating throughout the construction site, near water supplies and store fronts. But life goes on... a Ukrainian woman could navigate a lunar expedition in stilettos like she was in a Michael Jackson video- just for fun.

LOOK: From "Lvivski Streets," by fucoid
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BoneFarm said...

I love these takes and your words Fucoid. I really do.

fucoid said...

thanks bonefarm, how did your performance go?