Monday, February 23, 2009

LOOK: "Rooster" (2008), from Ukrainian Grotesque by fucoid

Rooster 2008

I was lucky enough to find someone willing to take on some of my stuff here in Lviv. Based on my old assemblages, they agreed to exhibit a new series with Ukrainian themes.

This one started with a kitschy stuffed pheasant that I found sans head in my attic. Like Igor on a midnight mission, I had a baba at the market decapitate one of her fowl and bag up the loose noodle for me. The rest was achieved via clothes hanger and superglue (problem solved). 


101101 said...

Go rooster! Ugh I wish I could poke it. I like poking dead stuff.

anya said...

Your new series is awesome! So gross and at the same time unbelievable attractive. i'm impressed.

Perepichka said...

Your Rooster reminded me of the first time i saw a chichen killed! I was about six. Guess this is how people start to go insane:-)

fucoid said...

the head was so disgusting... i left in the fridge for a little too long, and... yeah.. gross.

i don't know how it could attract anything but flies.

"I like poking dead stuff."

..there is a term for this :)

anya said...

You realize that it's disgusting but you still wanna look at it all the time, maybe even hang above your child's bed...