Friday, February 27, 2009

LOOK: "Getty Images" by fucoid

Getty: Photoshopping your memories since 1992.

original photo by Boris Mikhailov

LOOK: Bottle Collector from post-Soviet identity project, by fucoid
LOOK: Untitled 1 from post-Soviet identity project, by fucoid
LOOK: Wire from Lvivski streets, by fucoid


Mona said...

I can't work out her stomach at all, it's really disturbing!

fucoid said...

i was told that it is from having a baby and then losing weight really fast... sort of a left over lump of skin-flesh. uggghh.

Mona said...

ee as a 'gurl' I should have known that, not that I put on a lot of weight having my three kids!
PS you brightened someone's day here in Melbourne by becoming his 'follower'!!!

fucoid said...

yes, so perky after having three!

Mona said...

All to do with genetics!!!

Perepichka said...

These people are like local alcoholics from my village... guess they all look pretty much the same!

Quiche said...

They look like they could be my neighbors...trailer trash, only Euro- ha! If only my life could be as glamorous as this:

Mom it's a mobile home not a trailer