Sunday, February 8, 2009

LISTEN: Sunday mix #3, Indie optimism

Oneness (2003) by Mariko Mori

Bizarre alien orgy directed by Stanley Kubrick? No... there was recently a Mariko Mori exhibit at the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev. The centerpiece was the above installation, Oneness. From the original catalogue:

"Oneness is a sculpture of six “alien” figures, linking hands in a circle. When the viewer participates in the work by hugging the figures and welcoming them, the aliens’ eyes light up and their hearts start beating. When all six are hugged at once the base lights up as well. Oneness is an allegory of connectedness, a representation of the disappearance of boundaries between the self and others. It is a symbol of the acceptance of otherness and a model for overcoming national and cultural borders."

It was a great exhibit and I had a good time. But I couldn't help thinking that such elaborate installations seemed to be out of place with the times. Besides being ridiculously expensive (and undemocratic in materials) it may be time for mainstream art to become openly critical again. I want Mariko Mori but I also want to see more engagement with history when I go to the museum or gallery. That being said, the following mix is an exercise in optimism:

indie optimism


BoneFarm said...

Hi Fucoid,
Bravo on taking a stand here on what you'd like to see and what may be irrelevant by virtue of its bordering on pap commercial "have a coke and a smile" overly simplistic optimism. I agree that I too would like to see in the current art scene's wares, some actual content as opposed to lame mimicry, or self-centered commentary on trivial pursuits and over-sold feel goody two-shoes consumption of Disnified character-traits that wouldn't survive a day in the real world where everything that survives does so at the cost of life.
Ps Your posts are getting better and more comprehensive. The content is starting to speak more lucidly by virtue of the ties you make between image, idea, sound and text. have CONTENT... not an easy thing. , more coherent, comprehensive and consistent

Nomadic Woman said...

Thanks for the note from Eastern Europe! Weird coincidence in the way we crossed paths. I'm inspired by your global adventures. It's comforting to hear from another creatively roaming soul :) I briefly perused some of your blog entries. Looks like you're having some wild experiences...great commentary on art exhibitions, as well. I'll keep following your posts!

So far Finnish culture has been good, but things do get a bit lonely at times. The doctoral program here is quite small (but strong). I enjoy my research, but it's quite a solitary process sometimes. This year I plan to socialize more by getting involved in some local cultural and art organizations.


fucoid said...

hi bonefarm, thanks for the constructive criticism... it is a new way of writing for me and reader input is very important.


hello nomadic woman, thanks for reading. i hope the winter is not getting to you... i look forward to hearing more :)