Friday, January 16, 2009

TASTE: "The Cult of Salo"

Salo (spiced pork fat) is a Ukrainian national dish and treasured delicacy. The above blubber (straight from the pig's back, including skin) has been salted and then rubbed in course black pepper. 

The method of consumption is dependent on vodka: take a shot and then wash down with a bit of spicy flab. Dark rye bread figures into the meal as do raw garlic cloves. It truly is a 'fuck off' meal, meant to get one through the winter in good health (in spite of those scientific superstitions). 

This was a very generous New Year gift from an old woman down the hall. I did a few shots and sweated through some slices of fat but I cannot do this again, at least of my own volition. I have found my match. Salo wins. However, the remaining chunks will be put to good use. It is officially material for my next project.

I really cannot describe the special affection Ukrainians have for salo. They consider it better then sex and say "vodka without salo is a dollar without green." This is language pushed to the limits. But the following salo music video comes as close as possible to the reality. 

See magic salo man descend from heaven and induce magical salo lovefest:

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lastochka said...

I also like it a lot)

101101 said...

Oh my, I've tried that stuff and I will never do the same mistake again.

As far as presenting Derrida ... I can't say there is a formula or a logical way to present him at all. Derrida is ... well, Derrida. Half of the time I don't know how to start talking about anything involving deconstruction (and my ex teachers would kill me if they ever read that), I guess I just get really angry and blurt out whatever is on my mind. It kinda works like ecriture feminine for me, which is ironic because I was never quite convinced by Cixous on a lot of stuff.

Sandra said...

Whan I was growing up in Yugoslavia,we didnot have much to eat so when fam.from village came with pork-fat-stuf it was feest.So Ive learned to be thankfull if offerd with food,even thou I was a vegetarian.I gave mine to my father or brother or we exchange for somethin I liked.It was not done to play with food,but deferent people,deferent ways of thinking,respect yours!Greatingz.

fucoid said...

you are right, thanks for telling me about your family