Monday, January 5, 2009

LOOK: "Ruptured Garfield" 2005 by fucoid

This work started from the poster for Alien. I had a stuffed Garfield in the garage so I hacked off all of his appendages and sewed the holes shut, save the one on his neck; this I wanted to cover in congealed fat and then pick it apart like a wound or scab. But there is a problem with congealing fat... it is impossible to get it to stay in one place without it looking rigged. So instead I used hot glue. When I have had it at exhibitions though I lied about the materials. Hot glue kinda kills it for me.


hisshush said...

hey fucoid,

my favourite Fawlty Towers episode is the one with the guest that has a hearing aid and i laughed more at Basil than his rat. i haven't seen the office because i had to give back the box set at the checkout as my card ran out of cash.

i think 70% of us is made up of our circumstances. there's a maths exercise that is given to private school students saying, if you have a million and you takeover 3 companies that cost £300,000 each, how much money do you have left in your bank account?

what else? oh, and i really like your blog, where are you stationed at the moment? or are you making surrealist art?


chook said...

Hi fucoid, thanks for the comments on my site.
Love your blog, I will be keeping an eye on you!!

fucoid said...

hi hisshush,

i am now in the center of ukraine, kirovograd.

fucoid said...

hello chook, good to meet you... thanks for the good words, it is much appreciated.