Friday, January 9, 2009

LOOK: "Meat Coaster" (2006) by fucoid

This one started from vintage Coney Island postcards. I wanted to deal with issues of nostalgia; it is an important theme to me. I think it is a contemporary religion and I am an ambivelant practitioner but am not sure why or how I feel about it.

On the technical side, everything was smooth with the construction of the coaster. The arms I chopped off of some plastic frogs from the Dollar Store and then super glued them to a discarded pork spare rib from the supermarket. I shot all of these assemblages in dappled light because I think it is the most unemotional.

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A S H L E Y said...

I appreciate the marble-fat stripes on the meat, they disgust me and I couldn't stop staring at them.

You are brave to handle discarded supermarket pork and wise to trim it with dollar store plastic bits. If only the dollar store sold meat (not dried in bags)...