Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LOOK: From post-Soviet identity project, by fucoid

Untitled 1

One of my favorite images from the series... we left early for the shoot and scoured the dumpster for props, hoping to find some magic in anything random. We came up with nothing interesting except for a broken umbrella. But then a babushka came by, thought we were homeless and offered us this mint rotary dial phone (to sell for food). I guess it still works.


The Scrybe said...

Love it

Kristin Jo said...

for your cringing pleasure:


...eta voobshe kashmar!

hushush said...

i really like this picture. why is it called a post-soviet identity project?

the hang~over helper said...

This photo is all sorts of stellar.

fucoid said...

thanks for the positive comments.

kristin, those may be my neighbors :)

thanks hushhush, i will explain the project more in an upcoming post.