Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LOOK: From post-Soviet identity project, by fucoid

Soviet New Year

... according to the Julian calendar, which is still observed in some former Soviet countries, it is new year once again: cheers! 


chook said...

Damn, does that mean I've got to make another New Year RESOLUTION. I've already broken the last one!
Lovin' your journey

fucoid said...

yeah man, here is your chance to induce more guilt :)


"Edmonchuk" the city 4 hours or so north of me was hopping yesterday celebrating the big day.

Loving the graffiti art contrasting with the bleak. Actually inspiring me to get painting again.

fucoid said...

are there many Ukrainians in your area? they adore canada in general.

in lviv there is a canadian themed fast food chain! it is called "toronto pizza" but they serve all sorts of ukrainian dishes buffet style... all the decor is canadian kitsch.