Saturday, January 17, 2009

LOOK: From Finnish portrait series, by fucoid

Stockman Sales Clerk (2006)

There is no day or night during Finland's winter, only perpetual dusk-dawns.


lastochka said...

Interesting image!
I left the link you asked me for in my blog)

BoneFarm said...

Was this photo taken before she went to work, in the morning, when? Did you take it? It needs no text which would only serve to dillute it. Good choice going wordless Fucoid. You sure know transience's deeper end.

fucoid said...

hi bonefarm,
thanks for your comment. it is a good question, about time of day... maybe i should have given some context to the photo. it was shot in finland in the winter and basically all day is neither day or night, just one continual dusk-dawn. i suppose it is exactly permanent transience :)