Saturday, January 24, 2009

LOOK: From "America Swings," by Naomi Harris

from America Swings by Naomi Harris

I thought this was a still from a Harmony Korine short but this surreal piece of Americana was captured by undercover photojournalist Naomi Harris (my hero of the day). She infiltrated swinger communities in America's heartland for four years, working in just "a tool belt... and tennis shoes." 

Incidentally, studies in the early 70s estimated 1% of Americans were swingers, today it sits at 15% (full time, not the dabblers). Really? In the age of 'family values'? That is a nation of people nearly the size of Ukraine. Harris has shot ministers, farmers, schoolteachers and full time moms getting their swing on. 


gnarlyvine said...

Coincidently, we have had an influx of swinger sightings at the Venue (old Stormin's Palace) lately. The main duo are late thirties, relatively attrictive, and typically dine alone, but with the added discomfort of the wife throwing "fuck me" eyes to most of the male staff. Last night, however, we had the pleasure of observing them "hunting" as they dined with another couple. Things became even more interesting as two men, who appeared to be a couple as well, joined them just as the bill was being settled. It was unclear to if they went upstairs to the club, or simply left to go do their thing. What we were all questioning was whether or not the other couple was aware of their "friends" propensity for the swing. This of course led to discussions of Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" orgy scene, as well as the "lots of guys like to watch their buddies fuck," conversation in "Repo Man." Our bartender added his two cents by detailing a swinger party he worked at a mansion in Coco Beach, Fl., which included serving a guy at the bar while he recieved fellatio. Unlike playing a piano, it is pretty hard to pour a drink blindfolded.

fucoid said...

g-vine, swinger code (for safe negotiations at the Venue):