Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LOOK: Coming soon to a post-Soviet country near you

It has happened. Finally. A budget airline has finally negotiated routes into Ukraine. Wizz Air will now transport stag party meatheads directly from London to Kiev or Lviv for about the cost of a new DVD. Normally, I would feel remorse for the culture that is going to be forced to endure such seasonal sodomy. But Ukrainians do not give a shit and they need the money. Besides, this isn't Prague. The local BEZZERKER soccer team is not not going to faze anyone here.

WATCH: Ukraine, Undiscovered Europe

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anya said...

my friend who works for an incoming tour agency said, that 10 years ago they arranged many "looking for a bride" tours. Busses full of crazy dudes (aged 18 to 80 one was in a wilchair!!!)from western europe and US looking for sexadventures. guess this year they gonna be back...more convenient and much faster by plane