Sunday, January 25, 2009

LISTEN: Sunday mix #2, Lo-fi eruption(s)

Roadkill (2000) installation, Simryn Grill (Singapore)

This morning I was packing for a trip to a local village. In the side pocket of my pack was a collection of worn out postcards from museum gift shops. An image of a Simryn Grill installation in Helsinki stuck with me all morning. She collected discarded items on highways around the world, crushed cans, combs, cell phones, cheese graters, etc., and then rigged them up with toy wheels and set them off in vast races to unknown locations across barren museum floors. This poetic comment on immigration and identity is what had me listening to droning lo-fi music all day. The kind that starts out with lazy layers of improvised noises, glitches and yelps, which slowly erupt into rich, gurgling soundscapes.

lo-fi eruption(s)

LISTEN: Sunday mix #1, Gary Numan


Alice said...

i always have my ipod with me when i favorite music helps me not to go insane.

love gary numan...thanks for this post!

fucoid said...

my ipod is inhabited by gremlins. breaks down constantly...