Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LISTEN: Alan Watts on art, perception, nature from "Man in Nature"

Zen guru Watts, always using anecdotes to get his point across, ends this clip with an exceedingly witty story about a meeting between an American soldier and Picasso in Paris during WWII:

Soldier: "You know, I don't understand your paintings... they are absurd, life doesn't look like that."
Picasso: "Do you have a girlfriend?"
Soldier: "Yes."
Picasso: "Do you have a picture?"
Soldier: "Yes."
Picasso: "May I see it?
Soldier (taking out the photo from his bill fold): "Of course."
Picasso (examining the photo): "Is she so small as that?"

Watts on Art, Nature and Perception - Alan Watts


hisshush said...

i visit your blog and i think, this is how things can be. people and places like that exist. i have never heard of alan watts, but what he says resonates a lot with what i think, that we are just a protrusion of nature.

have you ever thought of visiting the baltic states? in my (entirely unbiased) opinion lithuania is the best out of the 3. we do not have a reputation of having amazing street artwork, but a lot of the artwork that we do have is closely connected to our history- modest, sad and silently mutinous.

and sorry, my last comment did not make any sense as i thought a comment left by someone else was left by you. i have to stop writing essays.

thank you! i find a lot of the stuff you post eye-opening and inspiring.

the end

fucoid said...

hi hisshush, thanks for you comments... they are encouraging and make the blog a better place.

i used to go to estonia often but i have never been to lithuania (i lived in Helsinki for a few years). vilnius is somewhere i have always wanted go... it is not far so it is only a matter time.

BTW, i uploaded the entire 60 minute Watts lecture to my imeem page if you fancy: