Saturday, December 20, 2008

WATCH: Ukraine, Undiscovered Europe

With the Orange revolution becoming a distant memory and NATO a pipe dream as Russia re-establishes its regional hegemony, Ukraine needs more than ever... over-produced tourism videos. 

Ukraine is a truly fascinating country and really should not need to advertise but with its negative Soviet entanglements and fierce competition from other less interesting countries with more cash, the government needs to step up and make itself more open to foreign travel and promotion. 

For example, why are Ryanair and other discount airlines still locked out? Why are there no BBC or Travelchannel docs on Ukraine? Obviously because no one wants to deal with the bureaucratic nightmares in Ukraine. But this economy and these people deserve more than sex-tourists and Chernobyl gawkers

It is telling that the only compelling video to be found online is from a nonprofit agency. Look at what could be:

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