Tuesday, December 2, 2008

WATCH: Pinchuk Art Centre (toilet as spectacle)

I was in Kyiv for the day so I stopped by the Pinchuk Art Centre. It was a decent show headlined by a few rooms of massive Gursky landscapes

But the most interesting thing to me was the toilet. Not because of any problems with my plumbing but because it was just a fascinating place to make brown. It is a byzantine series of glass and plexiglass rooms with layers of colored light panels and mirrors. It is almost completely disorientating, like something from a funhouse. When I walked in the person coming out literally walked right into a pane of glass. Most interestingly, the men's room and women's room are connected by a series of views through glass panels, which are then refracted off of a maze of mirrors. This naturally leads to a bizarre game of peek-a-boo with the opposite sex as they do their business. 

Is it relational art or just an interesting place to shit? 

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