Thursday, December 11, 2008

WATCH: Malkovich and Winger on being travelers, from "The Sheltering Sky" (1990)

Tunner: We're probably the first tourists they've had since the war. 
Kit Moresby: Tunner, we're not tourists. We're travelers.
Tunner: Oh. What's the difference?
Port Moresby: A tourist is someone who thinks about going home the 
moment they arrive,  Tunner.
Kit Moresby: Whereas a traveler might not come back at all.
Tunner: You mean I'm a tourist.
Kit Moresby: Yes, Tunner. And I'm half and half.

...a pithy little clip from Bertolucci's adaptation of Paul Bowles tale of misguided travelers, The Sheltering Sky:

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