Saturday, December 6, 2008


16 Signs William S. Burroughs was a Rogue Traveler

1.  would have sex with anything that moved 
2.  Exploding Tickets and visa runs
3.  traveled with more drugs than clothes
4.  development of bizarre mythos from found media
5.  recipient of trust fund
6.  proto-cyberpunk
7.  used title of author to escape trouble with law
8.  once roamed an entire continent looking for talking plants
9.  founder of Interzone
10. grandfather of 'Beat Hotel,' Paris
11. perverse manipulation of media
12. ability to masturbate under any condition
13. befriender of queers, bugs, transexuals and cocksucking
      amphibious men
14. made Ginsberg and Kerouac look like pussies
15. friends with Jean Genet 
16. chose Kansas as place to die

THINK: Towards a definition of 'rogue traveler'?