Monday, December 15, 2008

SCRIBBLINGS: My education made me a pussy unfit for travel

I subscribed to the philosophy of a liberal arts education. Exposure to the humanistic disciplines was going to free me of the chains of superstition, tradition and provincialism. I took on everything from post-human literature to Egyptian funerary archaeology and my corresponding student loan debt is legendary. 

What was the expected return? I never expected to make much money. I simply wanted my cortex to sprout a second layer. It was supposed to elevate me above mere mortals. After ten years I never sprouted any extra grey matter. But my nut sack did morph into an enormous vagina. 

And this development can cause some serious problems when traveling. I can take a vacation just fine. If I stay in a hotel and do the tourist bit, my vag is comfortable. But when I move off of the beaten path and I begin developing relationships with the locals; this is when my new love organ  begins to chafe

Because my overestimation of humanity is my most fatal flaw. People are my infatuation. But I am too quick to grant respect, trust and appreciation. My humanism is embarrassingly vulgar. I will eat the ass of a fried kitten or butcher a live turkey with a butter knife out of respect for different cultures. I am Franz Boas' bitch and Dostoevsky's Idiot

My cultural relativism has gone too far beyond being an excuse for snacking on illicit plants or fornicating with no strings attached; it has me free-floating in a world where I am even slighty embarrassed to expect the equal treatment of minorities or a fair price at the local market (they deserve to rip me off).  This is pathological. 


Malena Sandra said...

I find you brave,and crazy,be careful darling.Loads of good love and someone to watch over you Ill send tonight with my snowowl,ok!

Suraj Upadhyay said...

People like you will help build a better world.keep going..m with you

fucoid said...

thanks malena, i am glad to have a snow owl now... what do I feed her :)

suraj, it maybe be easier if we just start a charity :)