Sunday, December 7, 2008

READ: Framework issue 4, Dec '05 "Permanent Transience"

Framework is a bi-annual review of contemporary art in Finland and Scandinavia. I used to browse it when I lived in Helsinki a few years back. It is academic and slightly overwrought but if you can bare the art world jargon, the underlying ideas are provocative for the 21st century nomad. Articles on globalization and identity, borders, knowledge, war, ethnicity and media abound plus some slick images in bare Scandinavian style. I stole the title of this particular issue for the name of this blog.

From the intro paragraph:

"The general dissolution of the borders between various spheres of life has had deep consequences on the traditional understanding of knowledge creation. In the midst of constant movements, migrations, displacements and transformations, local traditions both material and social levels are directly connected to global communication networks and subjugated to their images and procedures......"  

read on below or download for yourself:

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