Monday, December 22, 2008

LOOK: Ukrainian photojournalist of war, Alexander Klymenko

I was given a massive hardcover catalogue by the artist at his opening in Ukrsotsbank bank, Lviv. His work chronicles the wars and efforts of the Ukrainian peacekeeping troops in the Balkans, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Lebanon, Kuwait... all global flash points since Ukrainian independence in 1991. He is a prodigious cameraman. This single catalogue alone contains nearly 300 images. He believes that these forces do not receive the attention they deserve because of the general cynicism surrounding humanitarian efforts today, particularly due to American interventionism. So it's his mission to exhibit his works so that their stories are not completely forgotten. 

I asked him about using his photos for international exposure of Ukraine as a peaceful country. He smiled and said, "It is all here. No words are necessary."

email Alexander Klymenko:

Image one: Even this cat wants peace, Sierra Leone (2001)
Image two: Widow of the war, Loungi village, Sierra Leone (2001)
Image three: For these children war is just a game, Sarajevo (1996)
Image four: Relatives have dug up the coffin and it moved it to a Serbian zone, Sarajevo (1996)
Image five: People were executed here yesterday, Sarajevo (1996)

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