Thursday, December 18, 2008

LISTEN: Gypsy Punk 101

Sexy Ukraine? If anyone can give Ukraine  a little mojo it is Kyiv native and Gogol Bordello front man Eugene Hutz. The man that coined the term gypsy punk has broken out of the NYC underground to become Madonna's new muse and raison d' etre (see interview). And the music that has followed is some of the most invigorating since the mid-seventies when John Lydon embraced the safety pin. 

The genre defies genre-ization by nature; it is multicultural and contradictory to the point of confusion. But Hutz has stated that his roots lay with the Romy people of the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. From there it explodes into the Balkans, Israel, Hungary and wherever else musical instruments are made available. 

Below are several intro tracks to the chaos that is gypsy punk.  

Elephant Gun by Beirut (2007)

Hungarian Chicks by Balkan Beat Box (2005)

How it Ends by DeVotchka (2004)

Wonderlust King by Gogel Bordello (2007)

Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello (2006)

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