Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Interview: Eugene Hütz on "Filth and Wisdom"

By Aaron Hillis

King of the gypsy punks, Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hütz has fast become known as one of indie rock's highest-energy performers, his multi-ethnic rebel band's rollicking accordion-and-fiddle swagger raising the room's temperature while Hütz swings from the rafters. (There aren't enough superlatives to do their staggering live shows justice.) Yet some might better recognize the Ukrainian emigrant-turned-downtown New York icon from the cinema, not least because he had to shave his renowned curly mustache for Liev Schreiber's 2005 directorial debut "Everything Is Illuminated." As Alex, the blinged-out Michael Jackson fanatic and Ukrainian tour guide to Elijah Wood's visiting Jewish-American nerd, Hütz hilariously steals the show faster than you can say Jonathan Safran Foer.

Leave it then to Madonna to seek out what lies between the fascinating facts and fictions of Eugene Hütz. The pop legend, still reinventing herself as a 50-something Material Girl, will surprise quite a few with her directorial debut, "Filth and Wisdom." Both funnier and more entertaining than this writer might've imagined, Madonna's scruffy, sexy, low-budget charmer stars Hütz as narrator and one of three struggling roomies seeking out their dreams in London. His name may not be Eugene, but Hütz's character "A.K." is a semi-autobiographical creation: an aspiring musician with an immigrant's background, a band called Gogol Bordello and a day job as a dom who humiliates his all-male clientele... okay, perhaps we can attribute the S&M fantasy to Madge. A few hours before "Filth and Wisdom" had its star-studded New York premiere, I sat down with Hütz to yak about the film, politics, perversions and mustaches.

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